Oticon Acto Mini Power Bte


* Quiet and quality hearing. * Binaural synchronization restores stability and balance of the hearing. Binaural decision ensures that the focus and noise suppression are synchronized in both ears to create a consistent perception of sound in all situations. * Binaural Dynamic feedback suppression DFC2 is an advanced system of feedback suppression, which improves the overall sound quality and makes listening to music a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. * Multiband Adaptive Directionality * Multiband Adaptive Directionality provides optimum speech intelligibility by suppressing multiple noise sources. The system automatically selects the focus Separate directional mode in typical situations to ensure that the natural advantages of open fit. * Comprehensive regime applies in quiet situations for additional control over the situation. Accurate orientation used to optimize intelligibility in noisy situations. * Three mode noise suppression. * Three mode noise suppression hearing improves comfort while maintaining intelligibility. Sound environment is constantly monitored for a smooth change in the strategy to reduce the noise level of sound, speech and noise.


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Features: Binaural synchronization. DecisionMaker2 !. Multiband Adaptive Directionality. Three mode noise suppression. Studying the volume VC. 8 pages settings. Frequency range 8 kHz. Automatic Adaptation Manager. System Dynamic feedback suppression (DFC2). Protection against wind noise. NAL-NL1 and DSL v5.0a m [i / o]. Memory. FM-compatibility. Telecoil. Up to four user programs. . Auto Programnumber. Volume control. Communication with Streamer and ConnectLine. nEARcom wireless Program ming.

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