About Us

Progressive Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PHCS) was started in the year 2008 as one of India’s first Group Purchasing Organizations and was catering to all the consumable needs of more than 30 hospitals within the first two years.

Henceforth, we were able to grow multifold. Our vast network of suppliers and vendors provided us with the best in class hospital supplies which we were able to furnish to our clients. We were in touch with hundreds of doctors and hospitals who were buying regularly from us because of our product portfolio and services.

At this point, a huge number of our clients started insisting that we supply medical equipment to them as well. As you know, the issues with supplying Equipment, Furniture and Long-Term Care Aids are many-fold. The access of healthcare providers and product suppliers to each other is limited unless the company is an MNC. Moreover, the doctor or purchase manager has limited knowledge about the competitors or technicalities of the product under consideration. Furthermore, the sale is usually made by a middleman who is mainly interested in selling to the customer and servicing of the product is usually the task of the manufacturer. Since the seller does not respond in a timely manner, the company gets a bad reputation in the market because of its inability to deal with the issue it never knew existed.

Although these segments have witnessed a strong growth trajectory, the number of both domestic and global manufacturers have also grown exponentially over these years. The only effective solution we could think of was to put the doctors and procurement officers in direct contact with the suppliers. Hence, we have made an e-commerce website, Medic-Kart.com, for purchase of all things related to Healthcare like Medical Devices, Surgical Supplies, Instruments, Mobility Aids, Medical Books, etc. enabling hospitals and doctors to make direct purchases and phase out intermediaries. This has made procurement cost-effective and indirectly contributes in making healthcare more affordable for all. At the same time, practitioners get the necessary back-up and the manufacturer gets to know where and how their products are performing.

Since our inception, thousands of doctors and healthcare establishments have registered on our website and we believe we are their most preferred medium for buying medical supplies. Our website has an unconventional user-interface which helps them keep track of their past purchases, recommendations and pricing of competitor products. They can further chat with our technical team and clarify their queries.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and product suppliers and increase access to quality healthcare products for all.