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The test uses an anti-human NT-proBNP monoclonal antibody conjugated with fluorescence latex and an anti-human NT-proBNP polyclonal antibody coated on the test line. After the sample has been applied to the test strip, the fluorescence latex-label led anti-human NT-proBNP monoclonal antibody binds with the NT-proBNP in sample and forms a marked antigen-antibody complex. This complex moves to the test card detection zone by capillary action. Then marked antigen-antibody complex is captured on the test line by the anti-human NT-proBNP polyclonal antibody. The fluorescence intensity of the test line increases in proportion to the amount of NT-proBNP in sample. Then insert test card into ACCUDx CQ Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer, the concentration of NT-proBNP in sample will be measured and displayed on the screen. The value will be stored in ACCUDx CQ Analyzer and available for downloading. The result can be easily transmitted to the laboratory or hospital information system.

1. ACCUDx CQ NT-proBNP kit contains:
ACCUDx CQ NT-proBNP test card in a sealed pouch with desiccant-25
Disposable pipet
Whole blood buffer
SD/RFID card
User manual

2. Whole blood buffer composition: Phosphate buffered saline, proteins, detergent, preservative, stabilizer.
3. A test card consists of: A plastic shell and a reagent strip which is composed of a sample pad,
nitrocellulose membrane (one end of the membrane is coated with a
fluorescence latex-labelled anti-human NT-proBNP monoclonal antibody,
the test line is coated with another anti-human NT-proBNP monoclonal
antibody and the control line is coated with rabbit anti-mouse IgG antibody)
absorbent paper and liner.

Note: Do not mix or interchange different batches of kits,

Applicable Device:
ACCUDx CQ Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Storage & usability:
Store the test card at 4~30 C with a valid period of 24 months.
Use the test card within 1 hour once the foil pouch is opened.
Store whole blood buffer at 0-30 C with a valid period of 24 months.
Store the whole blood buffer at 2~8 C for better results.

1. For in vitro diagnostic use only.
2. For professional use only.
3. Do not use the kit beyond the expiration date.
4. Do not use the test card if the foil pouch or the cartridge is damaged.
5. Do not open pouches or the cartridge until ready to perform the test.
6. Do not reuse the test card.
7. Do not reuse the pipet.
8. Handle all specimens as potentially infectious. Proper handling and
disposal methods should be followed in accordance with local regulations.
9. Carefully read and follow the manual to ensure proper test pertormance.

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